Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

Member Engagement Committee

Member Engagement Committee Description & Roster

SCA membership will be desirable to all anesthesiologists practicing cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesiology and critical care medicine.

The Member Engagement Committee promotes member engagement in the Society and assesses member needs. The committee aims to be inclusive of all persons with an interest in the practice of cardiovascular anesthesiology. The committee oversees programs that can best serve the needs and expectations of Society members in the modern era.

The committee manages projects and programs that enhance the member experience. Specific duties include to monitor, evaluate, and advise the SCA Board of Directors regarding membership issues as they relate to all the various constituents of the society including: Physicians in academic practice; Physicians in private practice; International members; Physicians in training; Fellowship; Residency; to oversee the interface between the membership and the SCA Board of Directors: Website; Newsletter Publications; DocMatter; Social Media; and Mobile App; to produce a monthly newsletter for the membership by the “Newsletter Sub-Committee” that communicates to the membership relevant articles, events, and activities within the society and affiliated societies that impact cardiac anesthesiology; to monitor and advise the SCA Board of Directors regarding issues relating to the Mobile App Subcommittee related to maintain the SCA mobile application and continuously produce new content to engage members and non-members; to monitor and advise the SCA Board of Directors regarding issues relating to the Social Media Subcommittee, regarding management of Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, and Facebook; and to monitor and advise the SCA Board of Directors regarding issues relating to the Medical Student Council, fostering medical student interest in both the Society and cardiovascular anesthesia.

The committee reports to the Board of Directors.

The committee meets at least once per year.

The committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Board liaison, and members-at-large.

Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms unless presidential approval is granted for a third.

2023 – 2024 ROSTER
Regina Linganna, MD – Chair
Venkat Mangunta, MD – Vice-Chair
Andra Duncan, MD – Board Liaison

  • Caryl F. Bailey, MD
  • Danisa Daubenspeck, MD
  • Florence Han, MD
  • Nikhil Kumar, MD
  • Choy R Lewis, MD
  • Prakash A Patel, MD
  • Douglas C. Shook, MD
  • Claudia H. Viens, MD