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The role of cardiovascular anesthesiologists is crucial in treating complex heart conditions and patients who are critically ill due to cardiovascular disease, especially as surgeries become more advanced and the population ages. The Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA) leads globally in this field, advancing treatment through research, care, and knowledge. Your support helps fund critical research and education to improve patient care in cardiovascular disease.

RESTRICTED – Established Endowment Fund (Deed of Gift)

The SCA Foundation Endowment Fund “the Fund” is a restricted fund created by the former SCA Foundation upon its dissolution. This fund was established to bestow to the SCA, in a Deed of Gift, the assets of the Foundation. Gifts to this fund are restricted and may only be used in accordance with the intent of the original Deed of Gift

UNRESTRICTED – New SCA Endowment Fund

The SCA Endowment Fund was created by the Board of Directors to accept gifts of all sizes directed towards funding programs offered by the organization. These funds are unrestricted and may be used by the SCA to fund programs, projects, and services in advancing the mission of the organization.

The SCA Endowment continues to support SCA members in the achievement of these goals.

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