Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

Blood Management Sub-Committee

Blood Management Sub-Committee Description & Roster

SCA will be a recognized resource for healthcare providers engaged in the care of patients undergoing cardiothoracic and vascular procedures.

To enhance the care of cardiothoracic and vascular surgical patients by creating recommendations for safe and effective patient-centered blood management and blood conservation practices, and to disseminate such recommendations, via education and communication. To create a series of clinical practice advisories to be published and presented to the cardiothoracic and vascular surgical community, to identify gaps in knowledge and adoption of such recommendations and to develop tools to aid practitioners in adoption of these recommendations in their daily practices.

The purpose is to help, educate and guide perioperative cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia/anesthesiologist physicians and other practitioners who care for cardiothoracic and vascular surgical patients, in implementing established recommendations and guidelines in patient blood management. Specific duties include summarize and distill existing guidelines and recommendations; create easy to follow/understand clinical practice advisories with key points for practitioners to follow; identify metrics to measure improvements in blood conservation strategies; and to identify gaps in knowledge and adoption of such clinical practice advisories, to disseminate these data and develop tools to overcome barriers in implementation of such recommendations.

The sub-committee reports to the Clinical Practice Improvement Committee.

The sub-committee meets at least once per year.

The sub-committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Parent Committee Chair, Board liaison, and members-at-large.

Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms unless presidential approval is granted for a third.

2023-2024 ROSTER
Jacob Raphael, MD – Chair
Nadia Hensley, MD – Vice-Chair
Wanda M. Popescu, MD – Parent Committee Chair
Linda Shore-Lesserson, MD – SCA Board Liaison

  • Mohammed Abdalla, MD
  • Ezeldeen Abuelkasem, MD
  • Daniel Bolliger, MD
  • Ashley Budd, MD
  • David Carroll, DO
  • David Faraoni, MD
  • Caroline Hunter, MD
  • Natalia Ivascu Girardi, MD
  • Ravi Vivekanand Joshi, MD
  • Worasak Keeyapaj, MD
  • John Klick, MD
  • Allan Klompas, MBBCh
  • Jenny Kwak, MD
  • John McNeil, MD
  • Anirban Sahu, MD
  • Jacob Schaff, MD
  • Adam Seibert, MD
  • Kelly Ural, MD