Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

International Committee

International Council Description & Roster

The SCA is an international organization with the goal of advancing the care of cardiac and thoracic surgery patients through collaboration with our international SCA members and partner societies.

To support SCA’s outreach to the international community of cardiac and thoracic anesthesiologists.

The committee supports the Society’s international efforts.  Specific duties include to coordinate all internal and external requests for international collaboration; to coordinate a bi-annual international meeting (i.e. ICCVA). Specific duties and responsibilities include the selection process of a host partner society/country, and coordinating the international part of the ICCVA program; to increase the involvement of international members and to assist in the identification of international member needs to better serve them.

The council reports to the Board of Directors.

The council meets at least once per year.

The council is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Board liaison, invited members of international partner societies, and SCA members-at-large.

SCA members-at-large may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms unless presidential approval is granted for a third.

2023 – 2024 ROSTER
Alexander Mittnacht, MD – Chair
Stanton Shernan, MD – Vice Chair
Andrew Shaw, MB – SCA Board Liaison

  • Hushan Ao, MD
  • Shyamal Asher, MD
  • David Canty, MD
  • Rebecca Caragata, MD
  • Yee-Eot Chee, MBBS
  • Joerg Ender, MD
  • Raul Guillen, MD
  • Yunseok Jeon, MD
  • Sathappan Karuppiah, MD
  • Lloyd Edward Kwanten, MD
  • Hong Liu, MD
  • Anand R. Mehta, MD
  • Emad B. Mossad, MD
  • Palesa Motshabi, MBChB
  • Pablo Motta, MD
  • Caetano Nigro Neto, MD
  • Mathew Patteril, MD
  • Yong Gang Peng, MD PhD
  • Bronwyn Scarr, MD
  • Manfred Seeberger-Stucky, MD
  • Stanton Shernan, MD
  • Jochen Steppan, MD
  • Justiaan Swanevelder, MBChB
  • Adriaan Van Rensburg, MD
  • Kenji Yoshitani, MD