Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

Quality & Safety Leadership Committee

Quality, Safety and Value Committee Description & Roster

The SCA QSV Committee will promote and educate SCA members on the deliberate steps taken to improve the care of patients in the perioperative arena of cardio-thoracic surgery. This process of systematically monitoring, assessing, and improving the quality of care in the perioperative arena is commonly called Quality Improvement (QI).  These efforts encompass the Triple Aim of: 1) improving our patient’s healthcare experience, 2) the health of our patient population, and 3) reducing the per capita cost of health care. These efforts will help define the Value that cardio-thoracic anesthesiology brings to the perioperative arena through Quality Improvement, and Safety initiatives.

To identify and create synergy between the SCA and other professional/affiliate societies to engage in Quality Improvement development in the Perioperative Arena of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery. To assist SCA members in their Quality Improvement implementation at their Local Hospital and Hospital System Level. To assist SCA members in enhancing the Value that cardio-thoracic anesthesiology brings to the perioperative arena through Quality Improvement, and Safety initiatives.

Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Optimizing Value in the perioperative arena of cardiac and thoracic surgery is the focus of the SCA and its members. The SCA QSV Committee will work to enhance development of resources (Tool Kits) to optimize the implementation of Quality Improvement programs to enhance Patient Safety and the Value of Care Provided.  These efforts include facilitating the education of SCA members on systematic approaches to developing, improving, promulgating, and adopting quality Improvement programs and techniques; understanding the economic factors influencing Value in the perioperative arena; promote the Value that Cardio-thoracic Anesthesiologists bring to the perioperative arena;  work to educate the SCA members in the utilization and management of established Databases, Dashboards, and Metrics in the perioperative arena; continue to grow the established partnership between the SCA and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), their STS National Databases and the STS Total Quality Improvement Task Force; work to educate and advise the SCA Board of Directors and SCA membership on economic and governmental affair issues that impact cardio-thoracic anesthesiologists;  grow the relationship between the SCA, other Anesthesia Societies, and other professional and affiliate medical societies in effort to leverage the overall involvement of cardiac and thoracic anesthesiologist in the implementation of Quality/Safety/Value in the perioperative arena; grow relationships between the SCA and the National Quality Forum and international governmental groups/agencies involved in Quality/Safety/Value development; and the QSV committee may provide input to the SCA Scientific Program Committee suggesting content for the SCA Annual Meeting.

The committee reports to the Board of Directors.

The committee meets at least once per year.

The committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Board liaison, and members-at-large.

Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms unless presidential approval is granted for a third.

2023 – 2024 ROSTER
Amanda J. Rhee, MD – Chair
Miklos D. Kertai, MD – Vice Chair
Jake Abernathy, MD – SCA Board Liaison

  • Douglas Adams, MD
  • Harendra Arora, MD
  • Bruce Bollen, MD
  • Brian Cho, MD
  • Lilibeth Fermin, MD
  • Michelle Gorgone, MD
  • Katherine Grichnik, MD
  • Matthew Klopman, MD
  • Benu Makkad, MD
  • Emily Methangkool, MD
  • Samata Paidy, MD
  • Gaetano Paone, MD
  • Kathleen G. Parr, MD
  • Joseph Sanders, MD
  • Jeans Santana, MD
  • Lida Shaygan, MD
  • Erica J. Stein, MD
  • Terrence Truxillo, MD