Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

Guidelines and Standards Sub-Committee

Guidelines and Standards Committee Description & Roster

SCA will be a recognized resource for healthcare providers engaged in the care of patients undergoing cardiovascular and thoracic procedures.

The Guidelines and Standards Committee is responsible for overseeing the development of standards and guidelines adopted and promoted by the SCA.

The purpose of the committee is to monitor existing SCA standards and guidelines; and recommends revision or recession when appropriate to the Board; recommend new standards or guidelines as needed; recommend to the Board the acceptability of proposed standards, guidelines, and related documents; guide and monitor the solicitation of member comment on SCA standards and guidelines through email distribution lists (listservs) before they are recommended to the Board; hold or delegate the holding of open hearings on standards when this option for gathering member comments is employed.

The committee reports to the Board of Directors.

The committee meets at least once per year.

The committee is composed of the Chair, Board liaison, and members-at-large.

Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms unless presidential approval is granted for a third.

2023-2024 ROSTER
Michael Boisen, MD – Chair
Bessie Kachulis, MD – Vice-Chair
Danny Muehlschlegel, MD – SCA Board Liaison

  • Elvera L. Baron, MD
  • Christopher Cowart, MD
  • Anurag Johri, MD
  • Michael A. Mazzeffi, MD
  • Domagoj Mladinov, MD
  • Nishankkumar Patel Nooli, MD
  • Nirvik Pal, MD
  • Paul Polyak, MD
  • Quratulain Samoon, MD
  • Annemarie Thompson, MD
  • Jonathan Zoller, MD