Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

COR-PM Planning Committee

COR-PM Planning Committee Description & Roster


  • Organize the Cardiovascular Outcomes Research in Perioperative Medicine – COR-PM to advance clinical outcomes research in cardiovascular medicine within the T2-T4 translational spectrum. Content experts, identified by the committee, will disseminate knowledge on innovative clinical research methods and topics with an emphasis on how to conduct funded clinical research.
  • Provide mentorship capacity for junior investigators by providing tangible mentoring to attendees through pairing mentees with mentors across institutions.
  • Create an inclusive and welcoming conference atmosphere by enhancing diversity in all aspects of conference planning and implementation.
  • Develop strategic collaborations (e.g. eSAR, IARS)

The committee reports to the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee.

The committee meets at least once per year.

The committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Parent Committee Chair, Board liaison, and members-at-large.

Members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms unless presidential approval is granted for a third.

2023 – 2024 ROSTER

Karsten Bartels, MD – Chair
Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD – Vice Chair
Amanda A. Fox, MD – Parent Committee Chair/Board Liaison

  • Anthony Bonavia, MD
  • Kamrouz Ghadimi, MD
  • Anastasia Katsiampoura, MD
  • Nadia Lunardi, MD
  • Daniel R. McDonald, MD
  • Meghan Prin, MD
  • Shahzad Shaefi, MD
  • Jochen Steppan, MD
  • Eric Sun, MD
  • Kei Togashi, MD
  • Kofi B. Vandyck, MD
  • Brittney Williams, MD