Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

ACTA Fellowship Match Program

The 2022 Match Exception Agreement process is now OPEN.

The exception agreement process is tied to the account of each program’s director and your membership must be active. You will need to login with your SCA username and password. Once you complete this portion of the process, your applicant will receive an email with a link to the form that they must complete. Upon completion of both forms, you will receive a confirmation email that the match exception agreement is complete.
Deadline to Submit: June 1, 2021 by 9 am Eastern

Questions? Contact Member Services at (US) 855.658.2828 or via email to

Program Details

In order to provide more consistency and predictability to the ACTA fellowship application process, the ACTA programs participate in a common application and match process provided by SF Match for recruitment.

Applicants and programs participate by registering with SF Match and applicants applying to the programs of their choice. Both programs and applicants submit a rank list based on their preferences. Notably, only programs where an applicant has interviewed can be ranked in the match.

Critical to the match process, programs and applicants can make an Exception Agreement prior to submitting their rank list to SF Match. Exception Agreements allow an applicant and program to agree to match each other prior to submitting their respective rank lists. Importantly, all ACTA positions must be included in the match, including all Exception Agreement positions.

Exceptions to the standard match process have been agreed upon by the ACTA Fellowship Program Directors Council in the following situations:

Applicants who are in active military service at the time of application.

Internal candidates, i.e. applicants who are currently in the anesthesiology residency program at the same institution as the ACTA fellowship.

Applicants who are making a commitment to come to the institution of the ACTA fellowship for more than one year.

Applicants who are enrolled in an anesthesiology residency outside of the USA at the time of application.

Applicants who reside outside the USA at the time of application or who are not eligible for ABA certification due non US training.

Applicants whose spouse or partner is applying for a GME-approved post graduate training program in a medical specialty in the same region as the ACTA fellowship.

Please note the following: Eligible applicants and programs who wish to take advantage of an exception rule are still required to participate in the match ranking process and must complete an exception agreement. Any match irregularities will be referred to the ACTA Fellowship Program Directors Council leadership.