Message from the Scientific Program Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the SCA 43rd Annual Meeting and Workshops! We are grateful and excited that you have decided to join us for this virtual educational event. We know how challenging this year has been for all of us in medicine, and we want to take a moment to express our thankfulness for each of you who have taken care of critically ill patients, while also taking care of your families and one another.

We recognize how precious your time is and how hard you have all been working. In response to this, your Scientific Program Committee has created a virtual program with three goals in mind: to bring us together for community, to update us with the latest cardiothoracic anesthesia information, and to encourage us to engage with one another in multiple live question and answer sessions, workshops, mentoring sessions, and problem based learning sessions.

From cutting edge sessions on Artificial Intelligence in Cardiac Anesthesiology to our new Professional Development Workshop, each session is designed to bring you clear and timely information pertinent to our specialty. We are pleased to announce and extra perk this year: sessions will be available to you on-demand for the next 60 days to accommodate your work-life balance. You can network with one another, or the faculty, by reaching out through the options on the platform, or ask questions through the group chat option during the sessions. Be sure and stop by all the amazing abstract presentations, including the popular Super Echo Panel!

Welcome to the meeting, we are honored you have joined us!



During the SCA Annual Meeting, you will experience:

  • Amazing content delivered by experts in cardiothoracic anesthesiology, interventional cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery
  • Experts will provide didactics, small group breakout teaching, and high-yield discussions
  • Hybrid approach to virtual learning, with both on-demand education and live panel discussions
  • Problem based learning discussions, scientific abstracts, and workshops are planned to optimize attendee learning and connection on critical cardiothoracic anesthesiology topics
  • The virtual platform to allow for attendee networking, idea-sharing, and exhibits

We hope to see you online!

This year, in our virtual platform, you can:

  • Earn over 30 hours of continuing medical education that will be on-demand post meeting for up to 60 days.
  • Attend live discussion sessions to help you discover up to date practice pathways and innovations in the field
  • Register for Workshops and PBLDs tailored for YOUR educational needs
  • Network with 1,200 other professionals in anesthesiology to help you gain insight into your practice and career
  • Connect with industry and exhibiting companies to learn about new products and programs

We encourage you to sign up for the virtual 9th Annual Thoracic Anesthesia Symposium on April 23, 2021!


Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD MS FASE
Chair, Scientific Committee 2021

Mary Beth Brady, MD FASE
Vice Chair, Scientific Committee 2021

Jonathan Ho, MD FASE
Workshop and PBLD Coordinator
Scientific Committee 2021

CME Committee Chair

Karsten Bartels, MD PhD MBA

Tara Brakke, MD FASE
Coordinator, Fellow and Resident Program

Megan Chacon, MD
PoCUS Liaison

William Culp, MD FASE
STS Liaison

Adam Dalia, MD FASE MBA

Jennifer Hargrave, DO

Stephanie Ibekwe, MD MPH

Candice R. Montzingo, MD FASE

Jacques Neelankavil, MD
Director, Fellow and Resident Program

Gianluca Paternoster, MD PhD
EACTA IC Liaison

Alessia Pedoto, MD FASE
TAS Liaison

Adriaan Van Rensburg, MD MBChB MMED FCASA FRCPC

Michele Sumler, MD FASE

Kelly Ural, MD

Michael Essandoh, MD FASE

Rhagavendra Govinda, MD, MBBS

Nadia Hensely, MD
Quality Liaison

Jiapeng Huang, MD PhD

Jenny Kwak, MD, FASE

Emily Methangkool, MD FASE

Jochen Muehlschlegel, MD MSc FAHA
Research Liaison

Mihai V. Podgoreanu, MD FASE

Shahzad Shaefi, MD MPH
SOCCA Liaison


James Abernathy III MD MPH FASE
Johns Hopkins University

Austin Adams MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Diana Anca MD
Weill Cornell Medicine

Erik Anderson MD
University of Vermont

James Anton MD
Texas Heart Institute

Rebecca Aron MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Harendra Arora MD MBA FASA
University of North Carolina

John Augustides MD FAHA FASE
University of Pennsylvania

Viachaslau Barodka MD
Johns Hopkins University

Elvera Baron MD PhD FASA
Cleveland Veteran Affairs

Karsten Bartels MD PhD MBA
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Meena Bhatia MD FASA
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Mount Sinai Hospital

Frederic Billings IV MD MSc
Vanderbilt University

Gregory Blair MD
Oregon Health & Science University

Randal Blank MD PhD
University of Virginia

Mary Beth Brady MD FASE
Johns Hopkins University

Tara Brakke MD FASE
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jessica Brodt MBBS FASA
Stanford University

Charles Brown MD MHS
Johns Hopkins University

Timothy Buchman PhD MD FACS FCCP MCCM
Emory University

Rafael Cabrales MD
Cleveland Clinic Florida

Robert Califf MD MACC
Duke University

Maxime Cannesson MD PhD
University of California Los Angeles

Stephanie Cha MD
Johns Hopkins University

David Chabot MS CCP
Loyola University Medical Center

Megan Chacon MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rekha Chandrabose MD
University of California San Diego

Anne Cherry MD FASE
Duke University

Sreekanth Cheruku MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Albert Cheung MD
Stanford University

Louis Chu, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Frederick Cobey MD MPH FASE
Tufts University

Bradley Coker MD
University of Alabama Birmingham

Jeffrey Cooper PhD
Harvard Medical School

Daniel Cormican MD FCCP
Allegheny Health Network

Draginja Cvetkovic MD FASA
Westchester Medical Center – New York Medical College

Adam Dalia MD MBA FASE
Massachusetts General Hospital

Jose Mauricio Del Rio MD FASE
Duke University

Andre Denault MD PhD
Montreal Heart Institute

Laura Donahoe MD MSc FRCSC
Toronto General Hospital

Sanjay Dwarakanath MD FASE
University of Kentucky

Michael Eaton MD FASA
University of Rochester

Sheila Ellis MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Daniel Engelman MD FACS
University of Massachusetts Baystate

Stephen Esper MD MBA
University of Pittsburgh

Michael Essandoh MD FASE
Ohio State University

Lillibeth Fermin MD MBA
Cleveland Clinic Florida

Brigid Flynn MD
University of Kansas

Amanda Fox MD MPH
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Marcelo Gama de Abreu MD PhD DESA
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus

Theresa Gelzinis MD
University of Pittsburgh

Mariya Geube MD FASE
Cleveland Clinic

Kamrouz Ghadimi MD MHSc FAHA
Duke University

Jennifer Hargrave DO
Cleveland Clinic

Reed Harvey MD
University of Los Angeles California

Maya Hastie MD EdD
Columbia University

Heather Hayanga MD MPH
West Virginia University

Nadia Hensley MD
Johns Hopkins University

Marisa Hernandez-Morgan MD MPP
University of Los Angeles California

Jonathan Ho MD FASE
University of Los Angeles California

Ira Hofer MD
University of Los Angeles California

Charles Hogue MD
Northwestern University

McKenzie Hollon MD FASE
Emory University

Leo Hopf MBA
Team Hopf

Kimberly Howard-Quijano MD MS FASE
University of Pittsburgh

Jiapeng Huang MD PhD FASE FASA
University of Louisville

Christopher Hughes MD MS FCCM
Vanderbilt University

Stephanie Ibekwe MD
Baylor College of Medicine

Natalia Ivascu MD
Weill Cornell Medicine

Gregory Janelle MD FASE
University of Florida Gainesville

Karen Jones-Smith MSHA CCP LP
University of Rochester

Ravi Joshi MD FASE
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Jonathan Kay MD
Univeristy of Wisconsin

Marta Kelava MD
Cleveland Clinic

Miklos Kertai MD PhD
STS National Database

Matthew Klopman MD FASE
Emory University

Lavina Kolarcyk MD
University of North Carolina

Zachary Kon MD
Northwell Health

Logan Kosarek MD
Oschner Health System

Megan Kostibas MD
Johns Hopkins University

Vesela Kovacheva MD PhD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

STS National Database

Priya Kumar, MD
University of North Carolina

Abirami Kumaresan MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Jenny Kwak MD FASE
Stritch School of Medicine

James Lee MD
University of Utah

Laeben Lester MD
Johns Hopkins University

Choy Lewis, MD
Northwestern University

G. Burkhard Mackensen MD PhD FASE
University of Washington

Feroze Mahmood MD FCPS FASE
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Susan Mandell MD PhD
University of Colorado

Michael Manning MD PhD
Duke University

Jonathan Mark MD
Duke University

Nicholas Markin MD FASE
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Blanca Martinez Lopez De Arroyabe MD PhD
University of Verona, Italy

Timothy Maus MD FASE
University of California San Diego

Michael Mazzeffi MD MPH MSc
University of Maryland

Sharon McCartney MD FASE
Duke University

David Mcilroy MBBS MClinEpi MD FANZCA
Vanderbilt University

Massimiliano Meineri MD FASE
Leipzig Heart Center

Marie Louise Meng MD
Duke University

Emily Methangkool MD MPH
University of California Los Angeles

Aaron Mittel MD
Columbia University

Alexander Mittnacht MD FASE
Westchester Medical Center

Candice Montzingo MD FASE
University of Utah

Candice Morissey MD MSPH FASE
University of Utah

Michael Moulton MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jochen Muehlschlegel MD MMSc FAHA
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Chirojit Mukherjee MD PhD FASE MBA
HELIOS Clinic for Cardiac Surgery Karlsruhe

Jacques Neelankavil MD
University of California Los Angeles

Peter Neuburger MD
NYU Langone Health

Jennie Ngai MD
NYU Langone Health

Alina Nicoara MD FASE
Duke University

Sinead Nyhan MD
Johns Hopkins University

Charles Nyman MBBCh
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Daryl Oakes MD
Stanford University

Michael O’Connor DO MPH MA FAOCA
Cleveland Clinic

Jamil Ortoleva MD MPH FASE
Tufts University

Sheela Pai Cole MD FASE
Stanford University

Peter Panzica MD
New York Medical College

Prakash Patel MD FASE
Yale School of Medicine

Komal Patel MD
University of California Los Angeles

Gianluca Paternoster MD PhD
San Carlo Hospital Potenza Italy

Alessia Pedoto MD FASA
Memorial Sloan Kettering

University of Florida

Tjorvi Perry MD MMSc
University of Minnesota

Carly Peterson MD FRCPC
University of Washington

Jean Pierre Ouanes, DO
Weill Cornell Medicine

Mihai Podgoreanu MD FASE
Duke University

Wanda Popescu MD
Yale University

Vidya Rao MD PhD FASE
Stanford University

David Reich MD
Mount Sinai Hospital

Steffen Rex MD PhD
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Noah Rolleri MD
University of Pittsburgh

Peter Schulman MD FACC
Oregon Health & Science University

Cleveland Clinic

Shahzad Sheafi MD MPH
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Stanton Shernan MD FAHA FASE
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Richard Sheu MD FASE
University of Washington

Sasha Shillcutt MD MS FASE
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Douglas Shook MD FASE
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Linda Shore Lesserson MD FAHA FASE
Hofstra Northwell

Natalie Silverton MD FRCPC FASE
University of Utah

University of Virginia

Nikolaos Skubas MD DSc FASE FACC
Cleveland Clinic

Peter Slinger MD FRCPC
University of Toronto

Sarah Smith MD MS
Westchester Medical Center

Brandon Smoller MD
University of Massachusetts

Roman Sniecinski MD MSc
Emory University

Benjamin Sohmer MD Med FRCPC
University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Pingping Song MD
University of Washington

Jeffrey Songster MD
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jochen Steppan MD DESA FAHA
Johns Hopkins University

Kathirvel Subramaniam MD MPH FASE
University of Pittsburgh

Michele Sumler MD FASE
Emory University

Kenichi Tanaka MD
University of Oklahoma

Mark Taylor MD FASE
Cleveland Clinic

Nelson Thaemert MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Annemarie Thompson MD
Duke University

Christopher Troianos MD FASE FASA
Cleveland Clinic

Ban Tsui Dip Eng BSc (Math) BSc (Pharm) MD FRCP(C) PG Dip Echo
Stanford University

Ben Tuck MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Avery Tung MD FCCM
University of Chicago

Kelly Ural FASA
Oschner Health System

Ratna Vadlamudi MD FASE
Emory University

University Health Network

Matthew Vanneman MD
Stanford University

David Vener MD
Texas Children’s Hospital

Tiffany Williams MD
University of California Los Angeles

Richard Wolman MD MA
University of Wisconsin

Anna Woo MD
University Health Network

Patrick Wouters MD PhD
Ghent University

Joshua Zimmerman MD FASE
University of Utah

SCA2021 Annual Meeting Workshops

3D TEE Workshop

Description: Applications of 3D echocardiography have advanced greatly in the last few years. This technology offers unique and critical solutions to clinical problems. This virtual workshop provides practical, problem based, and easy to understand sessions to help physicians master necessary 3D skills for daily practice. 3D ventricular function quantification, detailed 3D valvular analysis and 3D procedural guidance will be reviewed with renowned echocardiography experts in the field.

Advanced TEE Workshop - SOLD OUT!

Description: Do not let numbers scare you! Learn advanced quantification with the echo experts at this cased based, TEE workshop that will discuss advanced methods of quantitative cardiac assessment. Participants will learn to recognize the role of quantitative echocardiography in clinical decision-making and discuss real-world applications of quantitative analysis. Learn today and put these techniques into practice tomorrow.

Interventional Workshop

Description: Come learn from the experts about Percutaneous Procedures, including TAVR, MitraClip and Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion. Led by leaders in the field, physician-instructors will provide all the necessary tips and tricks to learn about these procedures. Special emphasis is placed on procedural steps, communication, TEE image correlation, and collaborative practice.

MCS Workshop

Description: Get the 2021 view of mechanical circulatory support from a multidisciplinary team: perfusionists, critical care physicians, and anesthesiologists. Learn the nuts and bolts of cardiopulmonary bypass, ECMO, and VADs in an interactive workshop environment with the experts. Critical issues in placement and perioperative management of these devices will be addressed, with special emphasis on ECMO: cannulation strategies, venting, and troubleshooting.

POCUS Workshop

Description: Practical point of care ultrasonography is becoming more accessible to a growing number of providers. This expert-led workshop is centered on the basics of transthoracic echocardiography (TTE). In addition to cardiac evaluation, the workshop will cover the use of lung ultrasound, vascular access, shock states, as well as the FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma) protocol. Special emphasis is placed on clinical applications of these techniques, as well as tips and tricks for image acquisition of these various modalities of POCUS.

Professional Development Workshop

Description: Ready for advancement but not sure of your next step? This unique, interactive workshop will integrate expertise from both the academic and business world to help SCA members navigate and succeed in both the academic and private practice landscape, with the goal of fostering future leaders. Specifically, attendees will work on skill development in networking, mentorship, negotiation, and presentation. Take homes include how to perfect the “elevator pitch”, cultivate healthy mentor and sponsor relationships, negotiate for time and compensation, and create and deliver an effective presentation.

ERACS Workshop

Description: Get ready for Enhanced Recovery after cardiac surgery at your institution. In a virtual workshop format, participants will discuss the ins and outs of a cardiac surgical Enhanced Recovery program with the experts, with a focus on programmatic development. Special emphasis is also placed on strategies for managing key measures, including opioid use, acute kidney injury, and incorporation of regional techniques.

SCA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Problem Based Learning Discussions available!

Saturday April 24, 2021: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

PBLD #1 – SOLD OUT – Lung Transplantation Management
Moderators: Archer Martin, MD and Rebecca Klinger, MD, MS

PBLD #2 – SOLD OUT – ECMO In Thoracic Surgery
Moderators: Eleanor Vega, MD and Nazish Hashmi, MD

PBLD #3 – SOLD OUT – How to Design and Implement a Thoracic ERAS Program at Your Hospital
Moderators: Alessia Pedoto, MD, FASA and Amanda Kleiman, MD

PBLD #4 – SOLD OUT – Patient on LVAD for Thoracic Surgery
Moderators: Wanda Popescu, MD and Diana Anca, MD

PBLD #5 – SOLD OUT – Esophagectomy
Moderators: Jagtar Singh Heir, DO and Ju Mei Ng, MD

PBLD #6 – SOLD OUT – Airway Crisis in the Thoracic Surgical Patient
Moderators: Philip Hartigan, MD and Stephen Collins, MD

Sunday, April 25, 2021: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

PBLD #7 – SOLD OUT – Perfusion Secrets
Moderators: Karen Jones-Smith, MSHA, CCP, LP and Vidya Rao, MD, PhD, FASE

PBLD #8 – SOLD OUT – Managing Adult Congenital Patient for Elective Surgery
Moderators: Alexander Mittnacht, MD, FASE and Tiffany Williams, MD

PBLD #9 – Nuts and Bolts of EP Ablations: Experts Share Their Secrets….and Their Fears
Moderators: Diana Anca, MD and Linda Shore-Lesserson, MD, FASE

PBLD #10 – SCA/STS Database Reporting & Dashboard: Adding Value to Perioperative Care
Moderators: Jose Mauricio Del Rio, MD, FASE, Miklos Kertai, MD and Carole Krohn, MPH, BSN, RN

PBLD #11 – SOLD OUT – Stop the Bleeding: Our 2021 Guide to Hemostasis for Cardiac Surgery
Moderators: Kamrouz Ghadimi and Prakash Patel, MD, FASE

PBLD #12 – SOLD OUTVA ECMO: Periop Management
Moderators: Meena Bhatia, MD and Priya Kumar, MD

Monday, April 26, 2021: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

PBLD #13 – SOLD OUT – VAD Emergencies
Moderators: Rebecca Aron, MD and Jenny Kwak, MD, FASE

PBLD #14 – Guidelines for Valvular Disease
Moderators: Reed Harvey, MD and Stan Shernan, MD, FASE

PBLD #15 – SOLD OUTCerebral Protection in Cardiac Surgery – Pitfalls and Plans
Moderators: Charles Hogue, MD and Choy Lewis, MD

PBLD #16 – SOLD OUTSevere Pulmonary Hypertension and Noncardiac Surgery – No Need to Be Afraid
Moderators: Sinead Nyhan, MD and Jochen Steppan, MD

PBLD #17 – Watchman Procedures: Conundrums, Complications, and the Role of the Cardiac Anesthesiologist
Moderators: Theresa Gelzinis, MD and Noah Rolleri, MD

PBLD #18 – Role of ECMO in COVID-19 Disease
Moderators: Lillibeth Fermin, MD and Megan Kostibas, MD

Tuesday, April 27, 2021: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

PBLD #19 – SOLD OUT – Severe Right Ventricular Dysfunction after Cardiac Surgery – Everyone’s Nightmare
Moderators: Sreekanth Cheruku, MD and Heather Hayanga, MD, MPH, FASE

PBLD #20 – SOLD OUT – Cardiovascular Disease and Pregnancy – What to Do When You are Taking Care of Two
Moderators: Draginja Cvetkovic, MD and Sarah C. Smith, MD

PBLD #21 – Destination to Where: Ethical Dilemmas in Mechanical Circulatory Support
Moderators: Elvera Baron, MD, PhD and Michael S. O’Connor, MD

PBLD #22 – Recurrent Anaphylaxis: An Update on Perioperative Allergic Reactions for the Cardiac Anesthesiologist
Moderators: Jonathan Kay, MD and Richard L. Wolman, MD

PBLD #23 – CIED Management in Cardiac Surgery and Beyond
Moderators: Greg Blair, MD and Peter Schulman, MD

PBLD #24 – MR – Part of the Team and Making an Impact
Moderators: Anne Cherry, MD, FASE and Douglas Shook, MD, FASE

Tuesday, April 27, 2021: 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

PBLD #25 – SOLD OUT – Aortic Valve Repair – How Can a Comprehensive Aortic Valve TEE Assessment Improve Long Term Results
Moderators: Ravi Joshi, MD, FASE and Benjamin Sohmer, MD

PBLD #26 – They Want to Stent What?!: Navigating Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) of Chronic Total Occlusion (CTU)
Moderators: Amanda Fox, MD and Matthew Vanneman, MD

PBLD #27 – SOLD OUT – Descending Thoracic Aortic Repair – Spinal Cord Protection Strategies
Moderators: Harendra Arora, MD, MBA, FASA and Wanda Popescu, MD

Moderators: Michael Eaton, MD and Roman Sniecinski, MD, FASE

PBLD #29 – SOLD OUT – High Risk TAVR – What Could Go Wrong?
Moderators: Sanjay Dwarakanath, MD, FASE and Komal Patel, MD

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